Capitalize Consulting Announces Innovative New Solution for Gas Balancing

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2022 — Capitalize Consulting has developed a new gas balancing platform, which offers substantial cost and time savings, and greater analytic capabilities for owners and operators. Several significant operators are already engaged with the platform, called Capitalize iGB, which represents a material shift in the way companies access, send, and receive this critical data.

“The efficiency advantage is clear when you look at the real-world numbers,” says Hallye Shrum, Director of Product Development for Capitalize Consulting. “Using manual reporting processes, an operator with 4500 wells with 3000 owners would have to print, collate and mail over 44,000 pieces of paper every month. iGB automates that process, making data available almost immediately through a secure platform and virtually eliminating the risk of human error.” Shrum also highlights the time savings for owners. “Owners have to intake and standardize this information as they manually obtain it in various formats, for varying periods, from various operators. iGB eliminates that manual effort.”

Capitalize iGB is arriving at a particularly critical moment for the industry, as one of the existing gas balancing services is being retired by its provider. iGB not only fills that gap but improves upon legacy services in several ways. The platform uses entirely new technology, offering a clean, intuitive user interface, lightning-fast performance, and robust security. For users of the data, iGB offers the ability to sign into a single portal to view and manage all data in one place, with powerful analytics capabilities built in.

“One exciting feature of the platform,” Shrum notes, “is a report that contains current imbalances for all wells in the inventory, regardless of time period or revisions. This single report is all that is required for gas balancing period-end close activities. What would otherwise mean days of non-value-add data gathering and standardizing becomes possible with the click of a button.” For companies migrating from legacy systems, the implementation process is fast and easy as well, with the ability to create a parser and produce sample reports within 24 hours.

Capitalize Consulting is excited about the potential for this robust and secure platform, offering owners and operators cost savings and easier and more immediate access to the data they need. For more information about Capitalize iGB, please contact Hallye Shrum at Technical questions may also be addressed to

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