Vendor Spotlight: Vertica Optimizing Business Operations with Analytics

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With data volumes growing at exponential rates (doubling annually), we have seen our clients across all industries struggle to manage and analyze data. What should take minutes or seconds is taking hours, days, weeks. Creating dashboards requires days. Running predictive analytics on large amounts of data takes hours. Analyzing inventory churn consumes days. Predicting maintenance on machinery in a processing plant or on an oil rig is nearly impossible. Because of the volume of data, a firm’s ability to access, analyze, and create dashboards and run reports for the business and operations to make decisions has been impacted by their inability to effectively and quickly manage, process and analyze data.

The right database and analytics platform can help companies leverage massive amounts of data from a variety sources for improved decision-making and operational efficiency. Yet many traditional databases are struggling to deliver performance at the speed and scale that modern analytics use cases demand. Are there tools in the market to help firms process and analyze data at blazingly fast speed? Yes – Vertica.

If you are struggling with processing, getting access to and analyzing data, or challenged in finding new ways to improve business processes and reduce operational costs, watch this webinar to learn how Vertica delivers blazing fast analytic performance at massive scale, and helps organizations overcome the data challenges of the 21st century.

During this webinar you will hear how Vertica is:

  • Delivering fast analytics at massive scale and speed regardless of where the data resides
  • Helping organizations overcome the barriers to predictive analytics using SQL in-database machine learning
  • Enabling Philips Medical to achieve operational consistency by aiming for zero unplanned downtime using analytics for predictive maintenance


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