Transforming Higher Ed Data into Insights with Alteryx and Arizona State University (ASU) – Webinar

With increased competition to recruit and retain students, shrinking budgets and expanding data for institutional research, higher ed is faced with a wide number of challenges. Leadership and analysts are tasked with making decisions based on data that is spread across multiple systems, databases and spreadsheets.

What if there was a way to combine, clean and organize your institution-wide data to make smarter decisions for students and the institution?

Please enjoy Capitalize Analytics, Alteryx and ASU in this higher ed webinar, featuring:

  • A presentation by Arizona Status University overviewing their strategic data analytics initiatives with Alteryx
  • Demonstrations of Alteryx showing:
    • automation of higher ed data workflows that reduce time and errors
    • mapping and geospatial analysis to enhance higher ed analytics
    • forward-looking predictive analytics to predict (and impact) success rate of recruiting campaigns


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