Government Data Analytics – Driving Insights

On Demand

In government, the business community and citizens expect to harness insights derived from high quality data to improve service delivery, provide transparency and impact decision making.  Whether you’re in health, human services, education, transportation, or any other key agency, the challenge remains the same – an inability to turn vast amounts of data into insights.

What if there was a way to combine, organize and analyze your government data to make smarter decisions?

Please join Capitalize Analytics, Tableau, Alteryx and the City of Tallahassee in this timely government webinar, where we’ll highlight:

  • City of Tallahassee successes in utilizing Alteryx and Tableau to quickly address ad hoc data requests, provide environmental alerts, and enable cost-saving communications.
  • Live demonstrations of government solutions focusing on data preparation, data cleansing, geospatial analysis, predictive analytics and visualizations.

This webinar is intended for analysts, management and leadership in state, local and federal government.