Modernize Your Financial Consolidation Process with Fluence Technologies

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Struggling with intercompany eliminations, foreign exchange, or COA mapping? Sick of manual, error-prone processes around complex ownership, multiple entities, or M&A activity?  

Why do our clients automate their financial consolidation process?  

  • Financial consolidation is a complex practice, particularly when dealing with companies operating in different jurisdictions, with different accounting standards and reporting requirements. Consolidation requires significant resources and expertise to manage. 
  • Financial consolidation requires accurate and timely reporting of financial information from multiple entities, which can be challenging to coordinate and may result in delay or error. 
  • Consolidated financial statements are subject to stringent regulatory scrutiny, as they can have significant implications for investors, creditors, and other stakeholders. 
  • Due to the complexity of financial consolidation and regulatory scrutiny, high growth companies quickly outgrow Excel and require a modern solution to close the books in a timely manner.  

 During the webinar, we’ll deep-dive into overcoming these challenges by leveraging the tried-and-true technology that Fluence offers.