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Tax Automation: Enabling Collaboration with Alteryx

The current environment has changed the way business is conducted and supported. With teams working remotely, processes and procedures are being adjusted to accommodate the new, and hopefully short-lived, normal. Instead of walking down the hall, teams now need to collaborate virtually. Tax teams are leveraging the power of Alteryx to collaborate in preparing data, catching anomalies, […]

Government Data Analytics – Driving Insights

April 30, 2020   12:00-1:00 pm CDT In government, the business community and citizens expect to harness insights derived from high quality data to improve service delivery, provide transparency and impact decision making.  Whether you’re in health, human services, education, transportation, or any other key agency, the challenge remains the same – an inability to turn vast amounts of data […]

How Workforce Analytics Can Empower HR Teams in Today’s Environment

How Workforce Analytics Can Empower HR Teams in Today’s Environment With today’s current environment, Human Resource departments need to be more agile than ever. Company leaders have questions and HR needs to respond to those questions with timely and accurate data. Speed, agility, and efficiency are required as companies navigate through a time not seen […]