Bringing energy industry expertise together with management best practices

On-time, on-budget, and on-spec delivery are more and more critical in the ever-changing oil and gas environment and as projects grow in size, scope, complexity, and risk, it’s vital to have the information you need.  Our expert consultants and analytics solutions can help you gain insight and create new models to help ensure a successful project.  Accurate, usable, and timely information is key to making fast, intelligent, fact-based decisions and maximizing profits.  Oil and gas solutions that leverage analytics, predictive maintenance, and engineering insight will help you improve business results across your global operations from exploration and production to refining, processing, and distribution.

We are making it easier for O&G companies of all sizes from start-ups to large, complex organizations to have trusted data available quickly and easily. Using Business Intelligence solutions, we help you pull all your data into one unified, complete, solution so you can have the information readily accessible – right at your fingertips.  Skip the data manipulation phase and the frustration that comes along with it. Pull all your data into one unified solution so you can get to what’s important – the insight hiding in all that scattered data.

Business Intelligence

Oil and gas entities are collecting massive amounts of data and need the very best business intelligence and analytic tools to help make sense and gain knowledge from of all their data.  Applying analytics and real-time insight capabilities create an agile environment where our clients can increase predictability, improve project results, reduce the cost of information management and allow you to capture knowledge for insight and improve the effectiveness of current and future projects.

Business Intelligence solutions provide:

  • Faster time to answers about business from highly visual, interactive dashboards without lengthy deployment delays
  • Easier access to game-changing insights with interactive data visualizations that enable you to more easily identify performance issues and apply corrective actions
  • Smarter decisions that drive a better outcome from snapshots of business performance
  • Trusted data for more consistent decisions without data drift or duplication
  • Flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options that can grow as your business grows and helps you meet diverse organizational requirements