Advanced Analytics - What’s Hiding in Your Data?

Capitalize Analytics helps organizations radically change the way they make decisions. Using cutting-edge analytics solutions, we uncover, discover, and extract what’s hidden in your data, so you can understand that data, and make informed decisions to improve performance. We focus on providing a complete analytics solution that allows users to get their hands on the right data, at the right time. We can help acquire, prep, blend, analyze, predict, and visualize your data and results immediately.

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How Alteryx and Dremio Unlock Analytics From Your Data Lake 

At Capitalize, we love Alteryx. It’s a wonderful tool that gives a wide variety of data consumers the power to explore, analyze, and make predictions based on data from myriad sources. Alteryx enables automation of everything from simple end-of-month reporting to advanced data science use cases.   In our several years of Alteryx consulting, however, we […]

What Can Iceberg Do For You? 

As the data lake becomes the first destination for a growing volume and variety of data, data teams are under pressure to deliver access to that data for analytics. Cloud data lakes provide businesses with an economical and efficient means of storing data, but that data has remained notoriously hard to leverage for analytics, particularly […]

Scaling Alteryx Server with User-Managed MongoDB

There are many advanced configurations available within Alteryx depending on the size and scale of the implementation. One important option for scaling, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery is user-managed MongoDB. For companies with small environments, user-managed MongoDB is probably overkill, but for those using Alteryx in a large, mission-critical environment, user-managed MongoDB is a best […]