Advanced Analytics - What’s hiding in your data?

Capitalize Analytics helps organizations radically change the way they make decisions. Using cutting-edge analytics solutions, we uncover, discover, and extract what’s hidden in your data, so you can understand that data, and make informed decisions to improve performance. We focus on providing a complete analytics solution that allows users to get their hands on the right data, at the right time. We can help acquire, prep, blend, analyze, predict, and visualize your data and results immediately.

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Automation Anywhere – RPA Overview

What is RPA? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets you program bots to complete business processes or tasks. The Automation Anywhere RPA Client allows users to program bots without any programming knowledge and is one of the most popular RPA clients. Automation Anywhere allows users to monitor and schedule bots remotely via the Control Room and […]

Capitalize at Nashville Analytics Summit 2019

  Capitalize Analytics will attend the Nashville Analytics Summit hosted by the Nashville Technology Council on September 9-10, 2019 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville. The event showcases hands-on workshops and presentations by leading Business Intelligence and Analytic experts from across different industries and professional backgrounds, sharing their thoughts and experiences in achieving greater insights […]

HR Workforce Analytics On-Demand Webinar Series

We recently held a series of HR Analytics workshops. All three weeks are now available On-Demand to watch and share here! Workforce Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Process Automation are incredibly hot topics right now. Alteryx is a solution built to help business and HR analysts increase their speed and efficiency without the need to rely […]