Advanced Analytics - What’s Hiding in Your Data?

Capitalize Analytics helps organizations radically change the way they make decisions. Using cutting-edge analytics solutions, we uncover, discover, and extract what’s hidden in your data, so you can understand that data, and make informed decisions to improve performance. We focus on providing a complete analytics solution that allows users to get their hands on the right data, at the right time. We can help acquire, prep, blend, analyze, predict, and visualize your data and results immediately.

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Scaling Alteryx Server with User-Managed MongoDB

There are many advanced configurations available within Alteryx depending on the size and scale of the implementation. One important option for scaling, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery is user-managed MongoDB. For companies with small environments, user-managed MongoDB is probably overkill, but for those using Alteryx in a large, mission-critical environment, user-managed MongoDB is a best […]

Capitalize Tax Technology Lunch n’ Learn in New York City

Capitalize Analytics will host a lunch n’ learn event for tax and accounting professionals in the New York area on May 5, 2022.  Many tax professionals report spending so much time dealing with data preparation, that they don’t have the time to catch and resolve anomalies under their tight deadlines. Alteryx gives tax teams an […]

Why do Power BI users need Dremio? It unlocks your data lake!

The purpose of this article is to highlight how Power BI users can benefit from Dremio and show its easy integration. Dremio is a SQL Lakehouse Platform that allows companies to run interactive analytics and high-performing dashboards directly on the data lake storage. It eliminates the need for proprietary and expensive data warehouses. To understand […]