Workday Adaptive Planning + Alteryx | Better Together for Fast, Accurate Implementations

August 4, September 8, October 6 at 11:00 AM CT

On Demand

Implementing a robust FP&A solution can be time intensive, expensive, and complex. As companies grow and acquire, the need for speed and accuracy intensifies. An implementation gone wrong will lead to inaccurate financial reporting, which can be extremely challenging to modify or change – until now.  

Join us for a 3-part webinar series beginning August 4, 2022 where we’ll show you how to use Alteryx to quickly and accurately upload and build or modify a level and General Ledger (GL) structure in Workday Adaptive Planning! 


Speed and accuracy are paramount. Why is the Capitalize implementation methodology so powerful? 

There are two foundational elements in Workday Adaptive Planning: level and GL structure. These two elements determine the accuracy of financing reporting. For new clients, it is of the utmost importance to establish accurate level and GL at the onset of implementation. For existing clients, it’s imperative that the level structure is continually maintained and validated.  

In either of these situations, we need things to be loaded with accuracy and speed. This can be challenging because companies deal with millions and millions of rows of raw data, complex business logic, and diverse teams.  


While each webinar in the 3-part series will be valuable in a standalone capacity, we encourage all prospective and existing users to attend all three. We will take live questions and follow up on an individual basis as needed.

Use Alteryx to upload and build or modify a level structure  

  • Quickly and accurately consolidate disparate data sources to identify all levels at which an organization plans and analyzes their finances and format that data for upload into Adaptive 
  • Rapidly modify or enhance an already existing level structure 
  • Example: Applying level attributes  

Use Alteryx to upload and modify a GL structure   

  • Identify and map the ideal accounting structure for accurate reporting
  • Assets 
  • COGS 
  • Expenses, etc. 
  • Reorder GL structure, bulk remove dead accounts, and create alternate hierarchies for reporting 

Use Alteryx to upload data into a level and account structure in Adaptive  

  • Clean, map, and format historical raw data for upload into previously established level and GL structure 
  • With speed and accuracy, validate data loads against the source system (Sage, QuickBooks, NetSuite, etc.)
  • Incorporate and map acquisitions, troubleshoot out-of-balance values, and monthly trial balance uploads