Uncover Trends and Anomalies with Alteryx Auto Insights

On Demand

Clients are telling us that their data is increasing in volume and complexity. This has increased business leaders’ reliance on analysts and data workers to dig through this data and uncover actionable insights. 


Many analysts are finding it challenging to keep pace with business demands when their time is consumed by repetitive manual processes. Not to mention, hiring data analytics talent is time-consuming and difficult, and once the new team member has been onboarded, they spend more time digging through data than analyzing it. 


Auto Insights provides a faster, smarter alternative to traditional BI dashboards and reports. Instead of waiting on analysts to find trends, determine root causes, and detect unexpected changes, all insights are surfaced automatically and contextualized into natural language. 

Alteryx Auto Insights can unlock important questions to tell us:  

  • What’s happening? 
  • What’s important? 
  • What changed? 
  • What’s going wrong?
  • What caused this?


During this webinar, we will explore three areas where Alteryx Auto Insights can be leveraged 

  • Analyzing sales operations to spot issues before they impact revenue
  • Providing visibility into spend patterns and vendor costs for the procurement department
  • Track team performance and customer satisfaction for call centers 

Let us show teach you how Alteryx Auto Insights could help your organization accelerate the time to insights and enable everyone in the business to make data-driven decisions.