Tax Process Improvements for Tax Professionals: Automate Reporting with Alteryx

On Demand

Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics will be hosting a free, three-week series on Alteryx for Tax Professionals.

Tax professionals are constantly required to pull “dirty” data from multiple systems and spend hundreds of hours in Excel manually preparing and blending the data for their tax analyses. This webinar series will teach you how to utilize Alteryx to automate your tax and reporting processes currently done in Excel. Processes that currently take you hours, days… even weeks… can be done in seconds with the click of a button!

Our Tax customers are leveraging Alteryx to support all aspects of their Direct and Indirect tax processes, such as Sales and Use Tax, State Apportionment, Fixed Asset Allocation, Property Tax, Liquor Tax, Foreign Exposure, Federal Tax, plus a whole lot more!

The series will be held on consecutive Wednesdays in November and will include the following topics:

Session 1:  Alteryx vs. Excel for Tax Professionals

During this session, Capitalize will instruct you on the ease-of-use of Alteryx by putting Alteryx in your hands and walking the group through a tax reconciliation workflow. 

 Download Alteryx Trial Here

Session 2: State Apportionment

In this session, you will learn how Alteryx will quickly and easily simplify the calculations and filings for state tax apportionment.

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Session 3: Direct Tax (Income Tax)

In the final session, you will learn how to deploy Alteryx to prepare federal income tax filings.

To achieve the most benefit from the sessions and explore the power of Alteryx, you will download a free trial of Alteryx Designer…

 Download Alteryx Trial Here

Before each session Capitalize will email you sample data sets that you will use to build workflows on Alteryx.

If you want to transform and simplify your tax processes, join us. You will be happy you did!