How to Use Event Studio Notifications in IBM Cognos for Notifications

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With data coming in from every direction, sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing WHAT to pay attention to! You may have hundreds of reports, dashboards, etc. available but which one should you look at today? With IBM Cognos Event Studio, you can easily set up alerts to notify you that something has happened. This works across every system you have!

Examples we’ve seen: 
“Alert me if any project is within 90% of budget.”
“Alert the store manager if inventory drops below X.”
“Alert the contract administrator if a contract is set to expire within 90 days.”
“Alert me if a new order is placed.”
“Run a database job to delete access if a user is removed from Active Directory.”
“Call a web service to add a user to a system if we have a new hire.” 

Let us show you how you can use IBM Cognos Analytics to be alerted about ANYTHING that happens within your systems!!

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