Breaking Through the K12 Data Silos with Alteryx

On Demand

K12 has data everywhere! You have data in your student information system, assessment system, HR, payroll, financials, facilities, food service, sub tracking, transportation, mobile apps, etc. Data comes and goes to and from assessment providers, cloud systems, state agencies, career planners, etc. All this data and all the movement IS overwhelming!

  • How can we get data into our systems?
  • How do we provide data to other systems?
  • How do we blend data together from multiple systems?

In most cases the answer is…manually using excel!

In this webinar, we’ll show you THREE WAYS WE CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER:

  1. We’ll pull student information and assessment information together so we can analyze or share that data with others.
  2. We will show you an HR/Payroll example demonstrating how we quickly load dozens of new job codes to hundreds of staff.
  3. We will show you how we automate the process of getting data out of the SIS and into a file that can be loaded by the state or another vendor.

Alteryx gives you an incredibly simple way to source, blend, prep, and share information. Whether you want to prepare data for the data visualization “tool du jour” or you need to move data between systems, Alteryx can help!

Spend one hour and you’ll walk away with strategies to simplify the data challenges at your district!