Client Roundtable: How are Tax, Accounting, and Audit Teams Automating Manual Processes and Reporting?

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A key challenge for all tax, accounting, and audit teams is how to move away from manual, time-consuming, error-prone processes. Alteryx is a software solution that helps functional teams automate processes where Excel, Macros, Access, SQL etc. are not scalable or sustainable. 

Hearing how other companies have been successful is always exciting and valuable. Learning about what works, what didn’t, how people got started, and understanding the successes they’ve experienced can give your team ideas to try and things to avoid! 

Watch our roundtable discussion with leaders from Tax, Accounting and Audit, who will share their journey with Alteryx. 

Our speakers include: 

  • James Leo, Director – Tax North America at bioMerieux (Biotechnology) 
    • Saw 98% process improvement. From 5 days to minutes. 
  • Joanna Lis, Director – Internal Audit at Ventas (Real Estate) 
    • Reduced audit analysis time by 90% and allowed full population audits. 
  • Nikhar Kedia, Manager – Accounting Technology at American Electric Power (Utilities) 
    • Over 60 projects delivered saving over 12,000 hours annually. 

We ask them to share their stories including: 

  • What challenges they were facing with data and manual processes 
  • What technologies they’ve had success with 
  • What pitfalls they ran into during their journey 
  • What key wins made everything worth it 
  • What they wish they knew before they got started 

If your team is dumping data into Excel and fighting with it for hours to do reconciliations, consolidations, reporting, or audits, you’ll want to join us. You will hear how firms are saving hundreds of hours per week, per month, per quarter, per department using Alteryx. 

Are you and your team can get started with your Alteryx process automation journey? We have trials, pilot programs, and experts available! Contact us today to get started.