Vendor Spotlight: DataRobot

On Demand

According to Forrester Research, AI-driven companies will take $1.2 trillion from competitors by 2020. In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, organizations in the energy industry must embrace and leverage new automated machine learning technologies to build a competitive advantage and succeed.

Join Capitalize and DataRobot to learn how DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform transforms its users into Citizen Data Scientists, and greatly expands the pool of people who can contribute to machine learning initiatives.

In this vendor spotlight webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How machine learning and AI are transforming the energy industry
  • How to implement machine learning initiatives without hiring a large team of difficult-to-find data scientists
  • The basics of automated machine learning and how it enables energy organizations to make better, faster decisions that result in tangible business value
  • A demo of the DataRobot automated machine learning platform