Spreadsheet Process Automation with Alteryx

On Demand

If you’re an accounting professional, chances are you’re living in slow and bulky spreadsheets every day.  Hours and hours spent inputting source files, manually combining disparate data sources, and manipulating and formatting spreadsheets to provide actionable insights is the world of an accountant.  And don’t forget to add the pressure of meeting fiscal deadlines with a lean accounting staff.

Companies turn to Alteryx and Capitalize Analytics when they want to:

  • Automate time-intensive data collection and spreadsheet manipulation
  • Provide auditability, accuracy, and compliance
  • Create repeatable and reviewable workflows
  • Make changes to close processes in minutes, not hours or days

Please join Capitalize Analytics as we show you the Alteryx solution that has enabled accounting teams across North America spanning every industry.

The featured speaker for this workshop is Travis Haworth, CPA and former Big Four accounting professional.  Travis will demonstrate Alteryx, showing accounting use cases and solutions that he’s implemented with dozens of organizations.