Simplify and Accelerate Analytics with Alteryx Machine Learning

On Demand

Everyone talks about Machine Learning, but few companies have implemented successful projects. Many that jumped on the bandwagon found:

  • They don’t have the data science staff to reach their goals.
  • Machine learning technology is cumbersome and expensive.
  • They lack the data needed or the data is too dirty to create a strong model.
  • It is difficult to integrate machine learning technologies with dashboards and reports.

Alteryx has built a platform that remedies all the challenges above (except lack of data). The latest release of Alteryx Machine Learning provides additional functionality that brings automated machine learning to the already robust Alteryx platform. It’s affordable and available in the cloud!

The Capitalize Data Science team has been putting Alteryx Machine Learning through its paces. We’ve compared it to the Designer Predictive tools and Intelligence Suite, and the team is excited to share our results.

The step-by-step guided interface allows users to painlessly create and deploy models in minutes, with explanations and an education model that is extremely helpful for those new to Data Science. Automated Insights make it easier than ever to uncover hidden factors and explore relationships in your data that you can easily share with your team with one-click data visualization exports. Run “What-if” simulations to further drive insight and understand how your model behaves in different scenarios.

We’ll take you on a tour of the platform showing examples of how we’ve used Alteryx Machine Learning to build valuable models across a variety of real-world use cases.