Self-Service Data Analytics for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Analysts in Oil & Gas face the challenge of accessing, joining, and analyzing data from many different sources. Often, this requires proper tools, time and teams to manage the analysis efficiently. There is great potential to optimize efficiencies and leverage data-driven solutions in the upstream, midstream and downstream processing of oil and gas.

View this interactive webinar with Capitalize and Alteryx to learn how data analysts in the oil and gas industry can benefit from a drag-and-drop workflow environment to:

  • Connect to, cleanse, and join data from multiple sources – spatial, geological, seismic, weather and more – to make more informed exploration decisions
  • Analyze infill drilling performance to produce more out of existing acreage and compare average delta performance between neighbor wells and previous parent wells to maximize labor and time
  • Build a repeatable process to automate time consuming data preparation and analytical tasks, and deliver insights in a fraction of the time compared to your current processes.