Sales Operations: Removing Manual Processes with Alteryx

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Working with dozens of Sales Operations teams, we find the following common challenges:

  • They struggle with manual processes that are time-consuming.
  • It is difficult to repeat processes efficiently.
  • Data accuracy and quality in sales CRM is a constant battle.
  • It is very difficult to quickly answer the ever-changing questions from sales leadership.
  • They struggle to produce valuable dashboards and customizable reports.
  • They need to make recommendations to leadership on sales territories that are constantly changing and it takes days or weeks to analyze and draw the territories.

The roots of these challenges?

  • Complicated, manual processes in Excel continue to be added to the team’s workload.
  • Huge amounts of data, originating from different data sources require exporting and manipulating large data sets.
  • Lack of data integration between systems requires duplication of entry and reliance on manual processes for consolidated reporting.
  • Lack of coding and programming skills means things are done manually, by IT, or not at all.

Sales Operations teams turn to Capitalize when they are looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. We help our customers take processes that once took days to complete, and turn them into automated processes. Automating the manual processes gives Sales Operations the time to be strategic.

Our clients come to us for full automation projects, training on how to automate processes, and for long-term support of their processes.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Remove manual work by building a repeatable process.
  • Optimize your Sales CRM to increase data quality and accuracy and integrate your CRM across your other systems.
  • Build customizable dashboards and reports for sales leadership.
  • Use geospatial analysis to create sales territories that maximize coverage and revenue.

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