Data Automation in the Office of Finance with Alteryx

On Demand

Most finance organizations rely heavily on spreadsheets for data processing and management, resulting in excessive time spent on data preparation and formatting.  When financial organizations are empowered with Alteryx, manual processing is replaced with automation to free up time for analysis and critical thinking.

Accounting – Accounting teams are stretched thin trying to analyze data files and transactions to close the books with a hard deadline.

  • Alteryx empowers analysts to develop and utilize repeatable, reviewable workflows, shaving hours and even days off of each close period.

FP&A – Pulling together information from disparate sources and performing real-time analysis on the numbers is challenging with traditional spreadsheet analysis.

  • Alteryx reduces the complications of bringing in data from differing sources.

Tax – Consolidating historical data, ERP data, fixed asset reports and depreciation schedules is time consuming and monotonous.

  • Alteryx seamlessly blends data from disparate sources so changes to files can be done in minutes, not hours or days.

Audit – Auditors often rely on sample populations for testing to gain confidence in the whole data sets, inviting risk for incorrect samplings.

  • With Alteryx, processing large volumes of data to run critical analysis can be done in a fraction of the time it would take for spreadsheet analysis

Watch the video above to see the Alteryx solution that we’ve implemented in over 150 of our clients’ finance organizations across literally every industry.  We’ll show live demonstrations in these key areas in the office of finance.