Alteryx Server Benefits: Supercharge Your Alteryx Investment

On Demand

Let me guess – today you’re loving Alteryx.  It’s freed up time, automated manual tasks, improved accuracy, and provided numerous operational efficiencies.

But you know that there’s more that you can do.

Get Your Alteryx Server Benefits Questions Answered!

We hear requests including:

– How do I share workflows with my teammates?

– How can the entire team/company use my workflows without requiring licenses for everyone?

– Is there a way to deploy Alteryx with more security and insight into what users are doing?

– How can we schedule workflows to run, and is there any way to trigger workflows based on an event?

– How can we make our workflows run faster and without bogging down our computers?

– Can we run workflows with APIs, RPA, or using other programmatic methods?

Please join Capitalize Analytics for a lunch and learn featuring Alteryx Server.  We’ll provide demonstrations, best practices recommendations, and success stories to share how organizations scale analytics through Alteryx Server to drive digital transformation.