Modernized Planning in the Energy Sector

June 4, 2020       12:00-1:00pm CT


Trade and economic headwinds have caused uncertainty in the energy sector.  Company leadership requires a planning and reporting system that delivers accuracy, data integrity, and timely access to key operating and financial metrics.   The ability to frequently reforecast and perform what-if analysis is imperative.  Driving predictable performance and reporting with confidence can only be done with a modern planning solution.


Please join Capitalize Consulting and Adaptive Insights in a workshop focusing on:


• Moving beyond spreadsheets, while dramatically reducing the time and cost in planning

Driver-based planning for sales and pricing that can vary across customers or geography

• Easily adjusting production volume drivers, capital expenditure, and lease operating costs

• Identifying plan, forecast and actual variances and trending at any operational level

• Modeling integrated P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements with effects of demand, supply, and capital spending on available cash


This workshop is intended for financial management and leadership in the energy sector.

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