DataRobot: Capitalizing on the AI/Machine Learning Revolution

Here at Capitalize, we continually search out emerging technologies that are revolutionizing operations and insights for our customers. For the past several years, leaders in their respective industries have been focused on digitalization and improving infrastructures. These initiatives have been purpose-built to arm their data scientists with the information required for advanced analytics.

In fact, Forrester published an article in 2017 about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will drive the Insights revolution. They have predicted that “AI companies will take $1.2 trillion from competitors by 2020.” Companies who fail to embrace this new revolution will be faced with a steep challenge ahead to maintain market share.

With so many different use cases and potential for AI and Automated Machine Learning across every industry, Capitalize Analytics wants to make sure we find and deliver technologies that position our customers for success. We search for easy-to-use, quick-to-implement, reliable products to recommend to our clients interested in placing themselves at the head of the artificial intelligence revolution.

Recently we reached out to DataRobot, an artificial intelligence and Automated Machine Learning platform with a vision for enabling data-driven organizations to embrace this innovation. Their goal is to make AI easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to apply, and to make it applicable to every business process to predict outcomes. This allows the data-driven enterprise to adapt to new conditions at incredible speeds and continually self-optimize based on predictions of their future state.

While AI is conceptually appealing, it does present a few challenges at the start, the most obvious of which is staffing. Organizations today are faced with a lack of experienced data scientists on staff, due to high demand and low supply in the job market. Today, predictive initiatives require individuals possessing a blend of:

  • Domain Expertise with knowledge of the business and its issues and most importantly, knowledge of the available data.
  • Programming Skills including the ability to write code which is necessary to gather, interrogate, manipulate the data to extract actionable insights and build and implement the proper models.
  • Advanced Mathematics and Statistics Skills with knowledge of applicable algorithms and the experience to interpret and explain their findings.

We were excited to learn that with their Automated ML platform, DataRobot reduces dependency on this difficult-to-find programming, mathematical, and statistical expertise. This reduced dependency on internal resources frees up the business to gain greater insight through:

  • Accessibility, requiring little to no data science experience required to get started.
  • Speed, training, and testing hundreds of models in a fraction of the time it takes the average data scientist to create one model.
  • Transparency, this is not a black box environment enabling users to see everything that is happening under the hood.
  • Mass Model Production, speed of model creation turns your users into a mass-producing model factory.
  • Deployment, no re-coding is required to deploy models, and this deployment can be completed in a manner of minutes.

But what good does this predictive technology do without the ability to combine, visualize, distribute, and understand its findings? Integrating with today’s data technology leaders, DataRobot helps bridge several solutions together to develop an advanced analytics ecosystem. They do this by combing data from on-premises big data warehouses like Cloudera and Hortonworks; utilizing Cloud analytics platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google cloud; then leveraging data preparation tools such as Alteryx, Trifecta, and Paxata.

The final step in delivering these predictions to the organization is accomplished through integrations with data visualization tools such as Qlik and Tableau. In this way, DataRobot can truly make everyone in the organization a “Citizen Data Scientist.”

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