Track and Analyze Your District’s Chromebook Investment

Join Capitalize Analytics for a webinar on June 20, 2019 at 1:00 PM CDT to learn how ChromeInsight brings value to Curriculum & Instruction, Assessment and Accountability, principals, teachers, IT, and the Cabinet.

School districts are spending millions of dollars on purchasing and deploying Chromebooks, and most have no idea how they’re being used, where they are/aren’t used, or if they’re just a distraction. ChromeInsight will log every online interaction conducted on a Chromebook, bringing that data together with your student information system and inventory system to unlock insights that no other solution provides.

 ChromeInsight helps you answer questions like:

  • What percent of Chromebooks are being used/not used in the district, schools, departments, and classrooms?
  • How much of the use is instruction vs non-instructional? Paid or unpaid applications?
  • What teachers, courses, departments, and schools use Chromebooks more or less than others?
  • What are students doing specifically on Google, YouTube, Schoology, Blackboard, etc.?
  • What curriculum and apps are being used by teacher, department, school?

Everyone within a district has a need for information on their Chromebooks – teachers need information about their students, IT needs information about the assets, the public needs information about their tax money. Don’t be fooled. The Google Admin Console and your network security programs don’t have the information you need. If you aren’t tracking details at the device and student level, and matching that back to your SIS, you’re missing a huge part of the story.

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