New Cognos Release: Top Take-Away from IBM Insight 2015

IBM Insight is always a great, exciting event to experience and the passion of the IBM community was no exception this year! There were so many interesting and great things going on, where do you even start to pick the top things – but there was one, in particular, that stood out.


IBM revealed at Insight that it has redesigned the user experience of Cognos BI, now known as Cognos Analytics.  Cognos Analytics will have enhanced usability and will be based on the same self-service design principles as Watson Analytics.  This new version is scheduled to be released by the end of 2015.

New features include:

  • Enhanced User Experience:  Simple, easier, giving you a more personalized experience with an intuitive interface that speeds report writing and reduces skill requirements – yet still provides all the power & functionality of Cognos that users are used to having.  

                        Create a dashboard using drag and drop on a mobile device

                        Dashboard visualizations automatically recommended

                        Templates & styles allow you to format reports instantly

  • Guided Experience/Intent Driven Modeling: Interprets your intent and provides suggestions and purposes a data module to preview, use or augment. Users don’t have to start from scratch, suggestions are provided.  They have combined the best of both worlds where advanced features are still available for those advanced users but novice/beginners have the guidance they need.
  • Mobile Analytics:  Unified experience that works the same whether you are on the road using a mobile device or at the office using the web.  You can quickly find, analyze and share data on any device while, again, still keeping all the power you are accustomed to.

Overall Conclusion – A balanced approach.  By combining a modern user experience with powerful features and capabilities, IBM Cognos Analytics offers guided, self-service capabilities designed to deliver a personal approach to analytics while providing IT with a proven solution that can be scaled as business needs grow. 

Stay tuned for more information about Cognos Analytics, in the meantime, if you want to discuss how to become a more data driven company, give us a shout.  We would love to help!