Escape the Excel Nightmare in FP&A and Budgeting with Workday Adaptive

Budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes are slow, manual, and error-prone when companies rely on Excel. In 2021, companies should have a faster, automated, and collaborative set of tools to make these processes less painful.

Excel creates silos of data and business logic, exclusive to whoever built the model. Navigating complex formulas, cross-tabs, VLookup’s, and business processes are challenging and sometimes impossible. If we ask someone to fill out our workbook, they almost always break something before sending it back.

If we had our way, the budgeting and planning process would be:

  1. Online with Excel integration so people can access forms and reports without breaking anything
  2. Agile with the ability to quickly change assumptions, drivers, and scenarios quickly
  3. Built dynamically to allow for a rolling and drive-based budgeting and planning process
  4. Part of an ongoing discussion. Not something we do once a year and shelved as soon as it’s complete.

Workday Adaptive Planning can streamline and automate your budgeting and planning processes while reducing your dependence on Excel. It enhances your current planning processes, so they are continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Workday Adaptive Planning combines enterprise technology with collaboration to create a powerful tool for budgeting, planning, and analyzing every facet of your business.