Dashboards are more than a just pretty face

Dashboards: More than just a pretty face!

You know you need business intelligence (BI), but you want it to be successful and have substance. Like they say, not just another pretty face. If you think about it, searching for the right BI solution for your company and making sure it’s a success is much like looking for the right partner.

As you begin your research journey, looking at your options, you will probably run into companies that say you shouldn’t choose a traditional business intelligence solution because it’s too boring and it takes too long to implement. You might hear that traditional BI is “processing intensive,” “way too big to be nimble and agile,” “a mountain of reports that no one understands.” You might also hear that you should look into a lightweight solution. Or that you must have BI software that can provide gorgeous graphics on your laptop or ipad.

As in our search for the right partner, finding the right BI tool isn’t much different. Download the “5 Reasons why the right BI is like the right Partner” whitepaper now – see the 5 ways they are similar!