Cognos Webinar: 5 Most Underutilized Capabilities of Cognos 10.2.2

We recently did a very well-received webinar on “The Top 3 Underutilized Capabilities of Cognos 10.2.2”.  Due to such great response, we are hosting this webinar again but are including 2 MORE capabilities.  Join us Friday, March 11 @ 10:00am CST as we uncover 5 of the most underutilized capabilities in Cognos 10.2.2. This expanded session will cover additional key features that are vital to making your experience with Cognos more productive!

  1. My Data Sets – Allow users to upload their spreadsheets for analysis. Great for prototypes and for users to do their own analysis.
  2. Drill Throughs – No need to dig around in other folders, we will show you how to use this great feature to easily link reports together creating a better user experience.
  3. Office Connection – What is it and how can we start using it? (Recap)
  4. Bursting – How this small function can save you time and frustration (Recap)
  5. Event Studio – You’ve had it for years…USE IT! We’ll show you how! (Recap)