Capitalize Analytics at the 2019 Texas K-12 CTO Summer Clinic!

Capitalize looks to make an impact at the Texas K-12 CTO Summer Clinic on June 12-13, 2019.

Capitalize will be exhibiting and speaking at this annual event that brings together K-12 technology leaders from around the state to discuss pressing issues in education technology. This year the conference will focus on developing a trusted learning environment using best practices for data, network, and physical security.

 In our presentation, we will share how ChromeInsight gives districts the ability to track their Chromebook usage. ChromeInsight captures every user, who accesses every URL, on which Chromebook, and when. Going far beyond what the Google log files can currently show, ChromeInsight data is joined with the district’s student information and inventory management systems to answer high-value questions like:

  • Which schools, departments, grade levels, classes, teachers, and students are using Chromebooks most?
  • Is there a correlation between Chromebook usage and state test scores, student grades, attendance, and discipline?
  • Which websites are being accessed, by whom, and when? Instructional vs. non-instructional sites? Paid vs. free applications?
  • Are all of your Chromebooks being utilized? Are any missing, in need of maintenance or replacement? Are there demand peaks and valleys?
  • Are Chromebooks an effective tool worth the cost of purchasing and supporting them?

If your district has Chromebooks, you can quickly gain insight from them!

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 About the Texas K-12 CTO Council:

 The Texas K-12 CTO Council is the state chapter of the Consortium for School Networking and the premier organization for chief technology officers in Texas schools. The purpose of the organization is to assist Texas K-12 school districts in understanding how to plan for the use and successful implementation of information technology in Texas schools and advocate for districts’ technology needs to improve student learning.