Automated Reports in Cognos

Automoated Reports with Cognos

Ever feel like creating a report is an act of congress?

Many of our customers were manually assembling reports using the valuable data they get from various different sources. You’re not alone if you are using Microsoft Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint to create reports for management and external stakeholders.  A lot of our customers were cutting, copying and pasting data from various tools into final reports and presentations, there IS an easier way!

So how do you get automated reports in Cognos and get to where you can:

  • Employ a repeatable process – Instead of navigating gaps in the production of recurring reports over and over again
  • Ensure quality of report (numbers and narrative are validated and correct)
  • Streamline report assembly – Instead of manually piecing together Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Make better decisions – Instead of interpreting “just read” data, get to understanding right away
  • Add controls, audit trail and transparency into each step of the reporting process
  • Reduce costs, risks and process times associated with narrative reporting

Check out this short video that will show you how to easily put an end to this manual process.  Get a solution for report assembly that provides the following value:

  • Automated narrative report generation
  • Multi author, cross-function collaboration
  • On-cloud or on-premises deployment
  • Simultaneous authoring with workflow and audit trail
  • Publish to regulators, shareholders and others (including eXtensible Business Reporting Language [XBRL], inline XBRL [iXBRL], financial reporting, Solvency II, Base 3
  • Streamlined assembly of reports and presentations