Automation Anywhere is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool that streamlines tedious or manual tasks within an organization. The goal of Automation Anywhere is to perform tasks more quickly through automation, leaving employees with time to perform more valuable tasks.

Automation Anywhere utilizes “bots” to execute repetitive tasks. Such tasks may include filling out web forms based on data within a spreadsheet, downloading attachments from an email to a specific folder location, or copying data from an online table. A Bot Developer can write the processes that execute these tasks easily by utilizing the many functions available within the function library. This allows the Bot Developer to easily write specific instructions within a bot, such as opening a web page or reading in an Excel file and saving the column values to variables to be used later within the process.


There are several ways for a Bot Developer to create a bot. For instance, the function library can be used to build each step out or a recorder may be used to record the actions of the Bot Developer. Recorders analyze mouse movement and keyboard strokes to determine the functions to associate with the Bot Developer’s actions as they go about performing the necessary task. This further simplifies the process by minimizing development time.


Bots can be managed from the Control Room by an Administrator. Metrics such as which bots are scheduled to run at what time or which bots have failed to run can be viewed within the Control Room. The Control Room houses numerous metrics and settings for developed bots as well as employees within your organization. User Roles can be added, updated, or deleted as necessary to ensure that all users of your Automation Anywhere environment have access to the necessary information.


Alongside streamlining tedious tasks within your organization, Automation Anywhere is capable of providing important business insights through dashboarding. Data can be collected and manipulated using a bot and then uploaded to the Control Room for analysis. A dashboard is automatically generated based on the data uploaded. The process can then be scheduled to ensure an organization is looking at the most up-to-date data.


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