Communicating Issues:

We have multiple means of communicating problems and desires with the WAM team, and we are always open to feedback, large and small.

  1. Email: Please contact and provide details of your issue, including the severity of impact, and your contact information. If severity is high, please also contact Christina McLuckie –
  2. Ticketing System: Upon onboarding with WAM, you will be registered with our online ticketing system Zoho. You will receive instructions from Zoho on how to activate your account. Here, you can enter tickets, view our knowledgebase and communicate with the WAM team. Ticketing portal:

A note on WAM support/Alteryx involvement, and the implications: WAM performs many queries from the Alteryx API, and performs all updates through the Alteryx API. Because of this, there may be times when a problem is with the Alteryx API and the WAM team must work with Alteryx on these resolution. Most times, we are able to accommodate a workaround using WAM.


Our documentation provides a user with instructions on how to use, set-up and configure WAM modules. Currently, WAM Desktop has a certification course through Kajabi. Users will receive instructions on accessing the course from Kajabi. WAM Server will have a course in the coming months.

Additionally, we provide an onboarding call, where we can review your major objectives with WAM and can provide steps to take with WAM that correspond to your specific administrative and governance need. We are always here to help!


Releases will be announced via email. Users will be directed to a central download repository housed by Capitalize and will receive documentation and release notes that correspond the release. The executable file will likely override the existing installation of WAM. In cases where an uninstallation is required, we will let you know.

Releases are issued quarterly. Bug fix releases will be issued at Capitalize’s discretion, and you may choose whether to install the bug fix release or wait until the quarterly release.  All releases have an accompanying newsletter, which is emailed to all licensed users.