This program will help companies and teams understand how digital transformation and process automation can be achieved using the Alteryx platform. We will start by giving managers and executives an overview of digital transformation and automation technologies, approaches, and examples. The subsequent sessions will help functional users explore the Alteryx platform and learn the basics of process automation and analytics.

Session 1: How Alteryx Helps Enable Your Team’s Digital Transformation

During this session, we will discuss digital transformation and automation concepts that are making teams more efficient across every industry and functional area. Companies of all sizes have realized that manual, error-prone processes are too slow to keep up with today’s demands.

In today’s world:

  • Systems and teams need to work together more efficiently.
  • Reports need to be built and delivered more quickly.
  • Dashboards need to give better insights.
  • Reconciling systems needs to happen in seconds, not days.
  • Large data sets need to be analyzed for risk, forecasts, and predicted results.

Alteryx has changed the way teams deal with data and process. This platform is being used by The Big Four, the Fortune 500, and midsize companies to give more power to analysts and power users. It limits the need for IT involvement and removes the nightmarish Excel-based processes found in every organization.

After this session, you will understand:

  1. How Alteryx is used in organizations to upskill functional teams.
  2. The types of challenges companies are overcoming with Alteryx.
  3. How your team can begin a journey of digital transformation and automation using Alteryx.


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Session 2: The Excel Users’ Hands-On Introduction to Process Automation with Alteryx

September 8, 2021 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CDT

In this session, we will train you on how to address real-world challenges using Alteryx. Through hands-on workshops, you’ll learn the basic skills to begin your digital transformation journey with Alteryx. You will receive an Alteryx trial, datasets, and the knowledge to begin attacking problems every company faces.


 Download Alteryx Trial Here  Download Materials for Session 2

Session 3: Advancing Your Automations with Alteryx (for Advanced Users)

In this session, we will build on your Alteryx skills by showing you additional functionality that can help eliminate manual processes. We will enhance the workflows from our previous session and make them more dynamic and useful.

 Download Alteryx Trial Here  Download Materials for Session 3

Session 4: Sharing and Scheduling Your Alteryx Workflows

In the prior sessions we built out workflows that pull data from multiple places, reconcile multiple systems, look for data anomalies that could cause issues, and update dashboards.

Now we need our teams to implement these processes. Some may need to be run “on-demand” with user input, and some may need to be scheduled to run every hour/day/week. This is the final step to automation!

To extend the use of your Alteryx workflows, we will teach you how to:

  1. Publish and schedule your workflows.
  2. Add options for users to select which files, dates, and regions they would like our workflows to use.
  3. Give access to other people within your organization so they can run the workflows you built.

 Download Alteryx Trial Here  Download Materials for Session 4

Session 5: Enabling Predictive Analytics and Intelligent Forecasting with Alteryx (for Advanced Users)

In this session, we will focus on how you can use some of the more advanced functions within the Alteryx platform to achieve true “Analytics.” We will work together to build a predictive model and a financial forecast during this hands-on session that uses prior results to predict future outcomes.

 Download Alteryx Trial Here  Download Materials for Session 5