What exactly is Splunk? Ask yourself, do you have any way to report on the unstructured audit data and log files that your servers, routers, and applications create? Or another way to put it is if you have server files, network, application, machine, or web log files being captured and need to analyze them all – can you do it? For the most part… probably not. Imagine a tool that easily allows you to access every log file in a searchable way turning that unstructured data into something you can query, like a database. That’s Splunk!

Machine data is one of the fastest growing segments of “big data”. Data is being produced from websites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices and other sources every minute, every day. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to network activity and call records—and more—Splunk turns machine data into valuable insights no matter what business you’re in.

It gives you unprecedented access to the hidden data behind every machine we interact with!

  • Search, explore, analyze and visualize petabytes of data from one place
  • Find outliers and anomalies that might be an advanced threat hiding among a sea of harmless data
  • Find and fix IT problems faster and reduce downtime
  • Gain visibility into applications and infrastructure across their cloud environment

With a full range of powerful search, visualization and pre-packaged content for use-cases, any user can quickly discover and share insights. Just point your raw data at Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing your world.

  • Collects and indexes log and machine data from any source
  • Powerful search, analysis, and visualization capabilities empower users of all types
  • Apps provide solutions for security, IT ops, business analysis and more
  • Enables visibility across on-premise, cloud ,and hybrid environments
  • Delivers the scale, security, and availability to suit any organization
  • Available as a software or SaaS solution

Splunk has taken the world by storm with its unique ability to access, analyze, and visualize within log files in real time. If you’re in IT and you don’t know, don’t be left behind – it’s time to find out about this amazing tool! Whether developing applications, providing analytics, or running, securing and auditing IT – Splunk can help you gain fast value from your data.

Request a meeting with one of our Splunk experts today to learn more.

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