Turn the marketing and social data flood into insight resulting in quicker, more solid marketing decisions.  Capitalize Marketing Analytics allows organizations to analyze data across multiple marketing and social media platforms of choice in one single dashboard.   Improve customer satisfaction, identify trends, understand the impact that different platforms have on your products, services, markets, and campaigns.  All of which allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.

With Capitalize Marketing Analytics, Marketers can effectively manage ever-increasing volumes of data and have the ability to analyze marketing results in one glance.  Unlock the value of customer sentiment with robust features that allow you to bring it all together in one centralized custom dashboard containing analytics from dozens of different marketing and social media tools.

Capitalize Marketing Analytics can analyze billions of social media comments to provide organizations large and small with valuable insight to help them better understand customers and take appropriate action. More than just a ‘listening’ tool, Capitalize Marketing & Social Media Analytics is built on a robust foundation of IBM software technologies for analytics, sentiment analysis, and linguistics. With customizable dashboards, Marketers gain insight into customers’ attitudes, perceptions, and future buying behavior.

For example, Marketers need to be able to connect the dots and see how the number  of Facebook “likes” is affecting sales. Who is seeing your messaging, and how does that information factor into your overall business goals?  Bring it all together with Capitalize Marketing Analytics. Combine all your marketing campaign results and social media activities to see whether your marketing activities are making an impact and whether your social strategy is a success.

In addition to providing you the ability to see all of your marketing and social media data together in a single location, we give you the ability to compare that data to HR, Finance, and Operations.  Stop copying and pasting data in and out of spreadsheets to try to understand your marketing effectiveness. We’ll provide insight in a cohesive and flexible manner customized for you. If marketing, sales, and social media are important aspects of success for your business, you need a better way to analyze your results. You need Capitalize Marketing Analytics.

  • Customizable dashboards let you slice and dice metrics from multiple platforms.
  • Grow your business by understanding consumer sentiment and evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Make better decisions and strategies across a wide range of functional areas.
  • Improve the customer experience by responding quickly to issues and requests.
  • Integrate social media insights across all marketing activities to improve relevance, segmentation accuracy and revenue.

The volume of marketing data will only continue to increase and the challenge of analyzing that data will continue to escalate with the evolution of new devices, channels, and tactics. But with Capitalize Marketing Analytics, marketing managers can turn that challenge into unprecedented insight.  Contact us today for a complimentary demo.