Many people don’t realize just how complicated data analytics in Higher Education is! Tracking recruiting, admissions, retention, and graduation is difficult alone. Add in HR, purchasing, finance, facilities, IT, and institutional research and now you have your hands full! 

Every department has questions they need to answer and the data needed comes from your student information system, ERP, online systems, and dozens of other locations. Getting the information you need is time consuming, and probably far more manual than anyone would care to admit. 

We help colleges and universities improve their data processes, embark on predictive analytics, and visualize data in ways they didn’t think possible. We know you have data processes in your departments that take hours or days to compile, analyze, and share. The processes are important, but they are manual, error-prone, and time-consuming. Let’s work together to cut those timelines down to minutes or seconds so you can spend your time on higher value analytics activities!