Cognos Health Check

Just like we all should get a check-up on occasion to make sure all is functioning properly, the same holds true for your Business Intelligence applications.  Make sure your organization is utilizing all the capabilities and taking advantage of increased performance, new features, usability, information processes and functionality.  You’ve invested in a BI environment, optimize its value!  Our Cognos assessment/health check will review your BI environment within the context of your business to ensure that your organization is using this tool effectively and to its fullest potential.

The value:  Get healthy!  Stay on track, avoid downtime and keep things running smoothly.  Take the guesswork out of systems improvements to keep things moving forward faster.  Get the critical information you need to know to move forward, correct, confirm or update existing BI initiatives.

With our Health Check service, we will come on site and take an in-depth look into your BI environment to assess and determine how your solution is performing – the “health of your program”. We will take a look at and review report usage, current issues and your goals. We will work with you to determine what your needs are and what steps to take to help your company be more efficient and get to the next level.

Questions you may be facing:

  • Is your application evolving with your business requirements, does it allow for future growth?
  • Are you up to date and taking advantage of the new features offered?
  • Do you need to improve the performance, design, maintenance or security of your application?
  • How can maintenance, administration, and support be streamlined for lower cost of ownership?


  • Improve performance, reliability & usability.
  • Capitalize will provide recommendations for improvement or steps your organization can make to get the system back on track or confirm that you are optimizing your BI to its potential.
  • Our experts use proven diagnostic tools and we take the guesswork out of systems improvement – saving you thousands of dollars.
  • We will assess areas such as installation, design, performance, application, security, maintenance, administration and effectiveness.
  • We will consult with your team and collect information on your objectives and goals, identify strategic priorities and provide detailed recommendations to keep things moving forward faster.