Detroit workforce analytics
lunch & Learn

June 9, 2022, 11:00 am
Detroit foundation hotel
fifth floor event space
250 W. Larned Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Capitalize Analytics and Alteryx invite you to join us for a free lunch and interactive session

A lunch buffet will be provided. During lunch, you will learn how HR professionals use Alteryx and UiPath to automate and accelerate their processes.

The program Covers:

You'll see HR-specific use cases that illustrate how Alteryx, paired with RPA, can successfully streamline the processes that used to take hours or days can be automated to be completed in just seconds!


There will be a presentation to lay the foundation, though most of the event will showcase and feature how automation significantly reduces the amount of time spent on processes.

How Does ALteryx + Uipath Benefit HR teams?

Many human resource teams report spending so much time dealing with data preparation, that they don’t have the time to catch and resolve anomalies under their tight deadlines.


Alteryx and UiPath not only can support automation of your onboarding process but they can also:

  • Assist in identifying and attracting talent
  • Predict employee turnover
  • Decrease employee attrition
  • Transform time and payroll processes


11:00 am: Registration and networking


11:15 am: Lunch buffet


11:30 am: Session begins 


12:45 pm: Closing Comments 

This event is by invitation only.