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PowerSchool products are amazing at collecting the data that is required to run a school district. Their solutions are the best you’ll find to help you with your student and financial operations. They know that beyond collecting the data, organizations need to aggregate it, slice it, dice it, and visualize that data so they can refine their processes. Capitalize Analytics and PowerSchool have joined forces to help districts better utilize this incredible business intelligence solution. Let us help you build a plan to be successful with your PowerSchool products by utilizing them with IBM Cognos. When you embrace Business Intelligence, the district becomes more efficient and successful, and your job becomes easier. Extract data, analyze it, and make decisions with IBM's business intelligence and performance management suite.

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Meaningful Utilization of IBM Cognos

Cognos provides the capability to perform intelligent data analysis and data integration to provide more informed business decisions for your district. IBM Cognos capabilities include:

  • Framework Manager - Metadata Modeling Tool that allows creation of a Common Business Models
  • Cognos Connection - Single point of entry to the Cognos BI Studios, packages, folders, scheduled activities, etc.
  • Workspace - Self-exploration tool that allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Workspace Advanced - Easy to use ad-hoc report writing tool that provides quick and effective queries, analysis, charts, etc.
  • Report Studio - Advanced report writing tool that allows for use of complex report building capabilities such as dashboards, charts, conditional behaviors, etc.


eSchoolPlus is designed for administrators and makes it easier to manage your district information data flow. This includes demographics, attendance,  scheduling, testing, report cards, discipline, and transcripts.


eFinancePLUS unifies administration to help your district achieve  productivity and success. Eliminate the need for multiple front office systems and logins by automating workflows, and streamlining operations. eFinancePLUS has some export capabilities to allow for new employees to be exported out of eFinancePLUS and loaded into other pieces of software.


BusinessPlus helps you configure your ideal K-12 ERP for your unique front office operations. It’s everything you need to control business processes like budgeting, grants management, HR and benefits management, regulatory reporting, payroll, purchasing, and a lot more, your way!




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