presents: 6 ways alteryx server supercharges your business

Learn how alteryx designer combined with server can help publish, schedule, administer, secure, and monitor workflows


June 2, 2022, at 4:00 PM

Tennessee Brew Works - IPA Room
809 Ewing Avenue
Nashville, TN

Capitalize Analytics and Alteryx invite you to join us
after-hours for an interactive session

The program Covers:

You'll learn six different ways that Alteryx Server boosts efficiency when paired with Alteryx Designer.


There will be some PowerPoint to lay the foundation yet the majority of the event will showcase and feature how Alteryx Server can safely and securely build, publish, schedule, and share processes.

How Can Alteryx Server Benefit my Team?

For companies that have multiple workflows that need to be scheduled or run by multiple users, and/or have become critical to the business, Alteryx Server is an absolute must. 


Is your organization:

  • wanting to migrate from a “desktop” productivity tool to an “enterprise” solution? 
  • finding that computers are being bogged down by running dozens, or even hundreds, of workflows simultaneously?
  • regularly audited and requires insight into who made changes, when changes were made, and who has access to the workflows to maintain compliance?
  • in need of a secure, central location for data sources, workflow publishing, and running processes?
  • in need of a way to run workflows without the assistance of the person who built it?


If you've answered "Yes" to one or more of the above questions, your team can benefit from adding Server to your technology stack. 


4:00 pm: Check in and grab a drink


4:30 pm: Session opens


6:00 pm: Session ends

This event is by-invitation only and registrants must RSVP using a company email to attend. RSVPs from users with a Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc will not be accepted.