Capitalize Analytics has developed ChromeInsight, our proprietary solution, which gives districts the ability to track your Chromebook usage. Going far beyond what the Google log files can currently show. ChromeInsight captures every user, every URL accessed, every search, on which Chromebook, and when.

Chromebooks Can Be Amazing Assets to School Districts and Students, but Tracking Them Can Be a Challenge!

Districts spend up to $400 per Chromebook, and most have no idea how teachers are using them or what students are doing on them. By joining the data collected from ChromeInsight with your student information system, you can answer important questions like:

  • Which schools, departments, grade levels, teachers, and students are using Chromebook most?
  • How do the test scores of classes/students/teachers with heavy Chromebook use compare to those who don't use them as frequently?
  • Which websites are being accessed, by who, and when? Anything dangerous or risky?
  • Are there demand peaks and valleys? Are certain devices not being utilized or in need of maintenance or replacement?
  • Are Chromebooks an effective tool worth the cost of purchasing and supporting them?

ChromeInsight is typically less than 1% of the purchase price of the device.

A Few Examples of Chromeinsight's Out-Of-The-Box Reports & Dashboards:

  • Activity by School and Grade
  • Activity by School Department
  • Chromebook Activity
  • Chromebooks with No Activity
  • Chromebooks with No Activity in 6 Months
  • Domain Report
  • Domain Report by Day of Week
  • Sensitive Content
  • Student Activity Look-up
  • Domain Report - URL Drill-through
  • Student Grade - Drill-through
  • ChromeInsight Header and Footer
  • Device Details by Room
  • Devices Available by Room
  • Inactive Device Detail
  • Shrinkage Details

If Your District Has Hundreds or Thousands of Chromebooks, Let Us Show You How You Can Quickly Gain Insight From Them!