Tax and Regulatory Reporting

Bringing energy industry expertise
together with management best practices

Capitalize Consulting Revenue AccountingAre you struggling with completing your filings on time?  Have you implemented the latest filing requirements?  Are you able to easily access disparate databases to complete your filings without rekeying data?  Have you transitioned to electronic filing?

Capitalize Consulting’s team understands the challenges and demands our clients face for timely, sufficient and accurate reporting.  We offer guidance and solutions tailored to meet the reporting requirements of the various tax and regulatory agencies, and we can assist in streamlining your processes to ensure your risks and exposure are managed. Our data integration experts have worked with clients to manage their data to quickly and efficiently generate filing forms such as those required by the Texas RRC, Oklahoma Tax Commission, the Federal Government, ONRR and other similar agencies.  Our highly experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of each agencies’ requirements, whether they are local, state or federal, to ensure accurate and timely filings.