Capitalize Consulting brings together industry knowledge with management best practices. The result is a winning combination for our clients.

Our experts offer extensive experience in the energy industry and are dedicated to improving your business. You’ll find a Capitalize Consulting partner dedicated to your project, sharing knowledge, best practices and leadership upfront.

Our tried-and-true methodology helps clients optimize business processes by making system and process enhancements while working cost effectively. We also have detailed experience with reviewing and creating the needed Sarbanes-Oxley documentation required with projects like these. Plus, we understand that change can be difficult so we join forces with your executives to communicate clearly with employees about your strategy, objectives and impact.

Our experts can advise your team because we understand your business. Every team member has been involved in large implementations or design and construction projects. Plus, our seasoned partners work closely with your team to ensure the projects run smoothly. Our experience allows us to share solid advice and alternatives to improve your processes.

We bring a wealth of knowledge about the various software packages available for this industry. Our clients benefit from our independence from specific vendors and products. While other consultants establish partnerships and alliances to encourage certain product implementations, we remain dedicated to recommending the best package for your company. Using this objective approach, we focus on achieving your business objectives.

Capitalize Consulting also understands how difficult change can be for your employees, organizational structure and daily operations. By collaborating with your senior leadership team, we’ll outline a strategy to effectively implement the needed changes, communicate this with your staff to achieve early wins and continued cooperation. The implemented solutions have lasting impact. Our success stories speak volumes.

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