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WE DELIVER. For over a decade, Capitalize has been partnering with clients to solve core business challenges and provide guidance to navigate the modern energy environment. Combining our deep energy industry expertise, advanced analytics, and portfolio of solution products, we help you navigate through strategic business decisions.

Our Energy and Analytics Services

Your Full-Service Energy Consulting Firm


Whether you’re merging with another organization or acquiring a company, we can advise you on how to integrate it all into one entity so that operations work optimally.  From initial acquisition through post-acquisition to support, our expert consultants guide you to ensure long-term strategic goals are in alignment leading to your company’s success.


Our experienced experts pinpoint improvement opportunities based on comparisons of your business performance with industry peers.  We identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement and recommend changes that boost your efficiency and productivity, and save money.  We will work with your team and equip them to perform better.


What are the available software options? Which one is right for your business?  In these economic times, having the right core business software solution is vital and will impact your business’ operational effectiveness.  We guide clients through the process to ensure this critical business decision is the right one for you and your organization.


Helping organizations uncover what is buried in their data to radically change the way they make decisions.  We uncover the indicators that are vital to your business so you can alter business processes as needed. We are making it easier for organizations of all sizes to have trusted data available quickly and easily to everyone across your company.


Rely on us to help guide and drive your high-priority projects to a successful completion. Whatever your project needs, from providing dedicated resources, new system selection assistance, implementations, reporting enhancements to other process improvements, we are your trusted partner providing assurance that the project is on the right track.


We understand the business information you need to make strategic decisions. Our team will review your transactional systems and recommend powerful improvements unique to your company. From optimizing your current applications to home-grown tools or the latest systems on the market, we help you identify the best option for your organization.

Your Trusted Advisor

Covering all aspects of the energy industry, no matter how complex the challenge.
Helping upstream, midstream, and downstream companies reach operational excellence.